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The figure of the protocol personnel in a Government and Institutional travel plays a very important role as a crucial element for the achievement of the missions' objectives.

In relation to the relevance of the protocol aspects in the Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism (GITT) sector, the course aims to enable students to acquire the knowledge that will allow them to develop the appropriate strategies to cover the needs of the Delegation.

Know the principles that help to satisfy the demands of this sector and its impact on the usual operations in services suppliers. Knowledge of these specific procedures will help services suppliers, as well as the organizers of these trips, with the aim of improving communication and coordination between them.

In addition, during the program, the fundamentals that the United Nations Organization has defined in relation to Sustainable Tourism Development will be taken into account, evaluating their application to the different areas of action involved in the government travel sector.

Take the first step to increase your competitiveness and positioning through specialised training in this new sector, government and institutional travel: a new field of knowledge in an industry that is constantly evolving.

The total length of the course is 40 hours and is accredited by UNITAR.