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Forbes Travel Guide Star Service
The Forbes Travel Guide Star Service is part of the Forbes Travel Guide Service Excellence training programme developed by MHRA and Forbes Travel Guide. It consists of three on demand lessons.

The Forbes Travel Guide Service Excellence on-line training programme targets anyone involved in hospitality service from all departments (concierge, front-office, spa, housekeeping, bar and lounge, pool and beach and restaurants) including front-line staff and managers. This programme reviews foundational standards of exceptional service with the aim to establish trust and put guests at ease especially in these particular circumstances caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Accordingly, the programme is designed to solidify the skills that are essential to creating consistent and intuitive service. Our certified trainers are highly experienced service professionals who offer extensive knowledge of best practices defined by Forbes Travel Guide and gathered from their experiences training in hospitality worldwide. Amongst other matters during these sessions new service practices will be discussed, including communicating effectively while wearing a mask and making guests more comfortable with procedures such as temperature checks.
Food Safety in post lockdown hospitality
Food safety and hygiene is a key factor for those working in the hospitality industry and it is essential that all employees understand the risk and hazards involved in ensuring food safety is maintained at all time. These include food production and processing, catering and retailing, and all those who at some point come into contact with food.
This course is mainly targeted at those who work in the food industry such as hotels, catering establishments, supermarkets etc. The aim is to understand the legal requirements for food safety and how it can be applied in practice..
COVID-19 Infection Control & Prevention
The highest standards of sanitation are required in a wide range of contexts and even more so in light of recent developments with the COVID-19 pandemic. This course offers participants the opportunity to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to control and prevent infections in a range of workplace settings. The objective of this training programme is to provide participants with an understanding of infection, how it can be prevented and how it can be controlled.
The OZO Academy offers a practical based training programme providing appropriate level of knowledge to prevent and control infection for those working in the hospitality and healthcare professions.
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Newest courses

Project Management in the Hospitality Industry
Project Management in the Hospitality Industry - Whether opening a new hotel or restaurant; introducing new service offerings or implementing a new change management program, applying the correct Project Management techniques is critical to the success of any project. The course will also take a closer look at the Procurement and Contracting functions which are often overlooked when managing projects, but which are just as critical to the successful delivery of any project.
Malta's Financial Ecosystem taking into account the situation with COVID-19
This webinar will focus on Malta's financial ecosystem taking into account the situation with COVID-19.

This IoD Malta 08:59 Club event brings together three talented speakers to understand a number of “do’s and don’ts” in the market that apply to all ecosystem players. They will provide an overview of the most critical financial ecosystem success factors and outline the impact of COVID-19.

Moderated by IoD Malta Chairman Edwin Ward, the webinar brings together all the major players outside the regulatory institutions, with speakers from leading private sector businesses, to analyse Malta’s financial ecosystem and to ask the serious question: Is it fit for purpose?

As Malta faces COVID-19 and international regulatory headwinds, can private capital be unleashed to back the innovation and rapid-scaling our economy needs? Do we have the financial ecosystem we need to develop our companies and our economy?
What exactly do effective Boards need to do to navigate the current crisis?
A corporate crisis in today’s world accelerates more quickly with a larger impact than ever before. The 24-hour news cycle and prevalence of social media contribute to the risk of destabilization and its acceleration. At law Boards are accountable to shareholders and one of their principal accountabilities is to exercise oversight over the executive team. How do Boards discharge that duty in times of crisis? That is precisely what IoD Malta's speakers will address during our free webinar on May 14 at 14:00; speakers, former HSBC Chair Sonny Portelli, APS Bank Chair Frederick Mifsud Bonnici and CEO of Malta Government Investments, Herald Bonnici.

A crisis can be the result of a number of different types of incidents and developments and can take on many forms, including the COVID-19 emergency. Natural and man-made disasters throw tightly linked supply chains into imbalance, amplifying how a regional event can have significantly greater and more far-reaching impact. IoD's speakers, moderated by IoD Chair Edwin Ward, will discuss how such incidents may call into question the effectiveness of a company’s Board of Directors and its ability to provide effective oversight and governance.


Sonny Portelli
Frederick Mifsud Bonnici
Herald Bonnici


Edwin Ward

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