Message by MHRA President Tony Zahra

Malta, like the rest of the countries across the world, is facing an unprecedented challenge. The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) has been on the forefront lobbying the authorities as the tourism sector has been significantly affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and related travel restrictions which have been imposed across almost every country in the world. Tourism in Malta last year accounted for 2.1 billion euro out of a total GDP of 12 million euro and accordingly MHRA is expecting significant losses over the course of the coming months. The Government support measures agreed to with MHRA to aid cashflow and ensure job security across the tourism sector have been an important development, and currently more measures and actions are being discussed to address the latest developments and realities.  Indeed, what used to sound as a cliché, that tourism is at the heart of the Maltese economy, is now a hard-proven fact.  MHRA believes that at the right time the tourism sector will be a critical economic sector in Malta to gear the wider economy back to its former glory.  MHRA therefore welcomes Government’s initiative to support us in delivering online training programmes targeting employees employed in the tourism sector including those who are currently at home unoccupied.  Towards this end MHRA has teamed up with leading international partners including Forbes Travel Guide, the Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism Institute, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), Domain Academy and various other leading associates. Together with the Ministry of Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority, MHRA is offering free access to

  • over 1,800 On-demand lessons delivered by FORBES Travel Guide, targeting different levels and focusing on practical skills sets;
  • webinars providing updates about the latest trends and forecasts given by protagonists from the tourism and hospitality sector;
  • accredited study bursaries specialised on-line programmes for English Language Courses and Government & Institutional Travel & Tourism Institute Programmes;
  • career counselling, recruitment support services and learning material on-line.

We therefore encourage all operators and employees in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector to take the best advantage of this opportunity to improve one’s abilities and skills and accordingly prepare for better times to come.