MHRA UPDATE: New COVID-19 restrictions clarifications

Author: The Winning Team
Posted Date: Monday, Oct 19, 2020
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A set of new restrictions were announced last Friday 16th October, during a press conference by Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela,  accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Dr Chris Fearne, Minister Byron Camilleri and the Superintended of Public Health Prof Charmaine Gauci, in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19.

MHRA contacted Prof Charmaine Gauci to clarify further the interpretation of these new measures, as below:

  • Bars and Każini must close at 23:00hrs from Monday 19 October 2020 

  • The wearing of facemasks is compulsory in ALL public places and workplaces, with certain exceptions. This measure will enter into force from today Saturday 17th October 2020.

  • Restaurants which are licensed as Restaurants will not be affected with these new measures and should continue to follow the current catering establishment protocols which have not changed.  Link below:


  • All current measures on public gatherings, social distancing and table spacing remain in force as well as the number of persons at a table is limited to groups of NOT more than 10 persons.

  • Restaurant’s kitchen staff are exempted from wearing facemasks when in the kitchen as per current catering establishment protocols which have not changed. 

MHRA reiterates that every establishment must continue to operate in line with these protocols to safeguard the business as well as an obligation to the health of your customers and staff. 

MHRA will keep you informed with any new developments.